Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's not a quilt until it was quilted.

Yes finally my first and second patchworks were quilted. I have been away from this blog several months. I have spent a lot of my time to develop my Thai blog recently. And now I'm kind of miss 'since September 2008' blog. I plan to use my English blog as my gallery to show and tell all of my quilt works.

The first show and tell is 'Buckeye Beauty Quilt'. It's my my first quilt and was machine quilted (longarm) by Jessie from Martin, TN. This quilt is now with my mom in Chiang Mai Thailand. She was quite hesitated to take it home since it was 90 F in Thailand when she first received this quilt. By the way, she insisted that she loves my quilt and is happy to keep it.

The second finished quilt, 'Fun Log Cabin', is also in Thailand. I gave this quilt to my mother in law. She's an energetic, slender and tall lady. So she must get a big quilt with sweet colors. She lives in Mukdahan where is fairly cold during (our) winter. It's different when we say 'winter' in Thailand. There are no snow and it's actually the lest hot time. It's a Thai winter, no confusion!. My in law will have only 3 months a year to snug comfortably under this quilt.

Along the way before I made decision to buy a new sewing machine, I tried to quilt my small table runner with the 40 bucks sewing machine. The outcome was just fine. If you feel to make one of this table runner check for its pattern and tutorial.

My third quilt 'Churn Dash' is ready to be quilted. I'm so exited to work on it. This quilt will be the first big quilt which I machine quilt myself.

Until the second week of July when I will be quilting again. Well ... it's my time to enjoy the heat and the sun in Thailand. See you again in Tennessee next month.