Friday, March 20, 2009

My third quilt : Churn Dash Blocks

I've finished my third quilt top for a week and decided to hand quilt. It's queen size. I’ve never seen the real stand quilt frame before as I’m a new quilter (seriously). When I get the quilt frame as dissembled pieces I have no clue how to put them together. Thanks for my lovely ladies, Ida, Gale, Nancy, Joyce who helped me put them all together. However, couple screws are missing ;-( So far I still couldn’t hand quilt my project.

After spending many hours to create and update 2 blogs. I found an interesting thing from my ‘Thai blog’. There are a lot of Thai ladies who are quilting. They have a little virtual community over there through A lot of tutorials were posted yet my Thai folks still wants to learn more about quilting. I’m glad to live in Tennessee and belong to a really lovely quilt guild. I’m surrounded by my lovely ladies. My new knowledge and skills are also extended to the other friends back in Thailand as well. How nice it is! I have friends here and there through making quilt.


  1. I LOVE that fabric with the circles/rings in the corner block! And the border is gorgeous! Also, I'm impressed with the triangle blocks, the points are meeting up perfectly - Well done!

  2. Hi!
    In reply to your Moda Fabric comment, I'm really curious what pattern you will make!
    Look forward to that piece of work!