Sunday, February 8, 2009

my first quilt top ever

I've loved quilts for years and bought some without knowing how to make one. I moved to Tennessee last year. My town is a small town named Martin. Every year, we have an annual festival to celebrate soybean cultivation. The quilting journey started when I went to see quilt show in Soybean Festival. It's my first introduction to quilt. I met Linda who is the president of the Tennessee Volunteer Quilt Guild and since September 2008 I've learned quilting.

Generally, my ladies in quilt guild say they learn quilting naturally since they have seen their mom or grand mom sat and sew patchworks. Me ... I'm in the opposite direction. My mom and grand mom saw but did not quilt. I would be considered as the first person in my family to do quilts.

I'm enjoyed learning new techniques, buying more fabrics, searching and reading tutorial from web sites and web blogs. And here we are my first quilt top .... Voila!

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